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for Spiritual & Meditation Learning

BrahmaKumaris Meditation Center in Nagpur is part of a network of learning and training centers with over a million members worldwide. We are dedicated to individual, social and world transformation through the study and spiritual practice of Raja Yoga meditation. The pathway to individual peace and fulfillment is to realize our original nature as spiritual beings. By restoring our connection with the One Source God Almighty, we can discover meaning and purpose of life. The knowledge and practice of Raja Yoga is helpful in regaining our peace and happiness at the present era.

5 Good Reasons To Study At A Training Centre

 ​We Teach Raja Yoga Meditation, Positive Living And Empowerment.

Putting Yourself In the Right Place

Giving yourself the time out you need

Learning and spiritual reflection

Discover new met​hods to get the results you want

Accepting the Nurturing

Plant based meals cooked with a lot of love.

Meditating in short bursts

Learn new ways of meditation that can support you